The #CHLGCLUB team is happy to announce… Our #SocialNetworking DareDevil Gaming APP has launched on iOS!

It is still in a Preview Mode in iOS (just for now) and we really want your feedback so we can make it better… and better… and better. Please give it a whirl and tell us what you think and definately what can be improved!

*Tryout the #CHLGCLUB APP here*

CHLGCLUB App on Itunes

Giving Back is #TOTES Awesome!

#CHLGCLUB encourages supporting great charities. It is one of the big reasons we created the #CHLGCLUB in the first place. Through our upcoming APP release we intend to help you find creative and fun ways to GIVE to your favourite charities. Here are two websites to help find charities you can support right now too:

Click here: Charity Watch or here: Canadian Book of Charities