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Challenge Club lets you express about social causes & activities you love.

Challenge Club is Social

Challenge Club (ChlgClub) provides you ability to support and raise awareness about social causes you are passionate about by posting a challenge and inviting your friends to join in. It's the only platform where you can create, compete & invite others to join you in the social, motivational & fun challenges.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • Stay in the loop for next big Challenge
  • Draw awareness to a cause and motivate others
  • Connect with like-minded trendsetters and game changers

Amazing Features

Challenge Club has whole list of features designed just around you !

Challenge Driven

Every social, cool and motivational challenge in one place. Raise awareness & Share your passion.


Competitors can Like, Comment, Follow and Invite other friends to Post/Accept challenges.

Social Platform

Upload photo or video of your challenge and select 3 of your boldest friends to accept your time limited competition.

Competition Spirit

Scoring system for completed challenges to see how you stack up and for ultimate bragging rights.

Cross Platform

Invite and share on multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Intuitive Design

Post and search challenges by category or hashtags or create your own custom challenges.

Challenges Ahead

Joining the challenge club means you are joining a revolution. Accepting a challenge means you are accepting to grow, learn, and change. To show your support and passion. Nothing worth doing is ever easy so, get outside your comfort zone, try something new, show the world what you've got!

If it doesn't CHALLENGE you, it doesn't CHANGE you.

Grow / Learn / Give together

Only rule in the Club is: Never Back Down

Face Your Fears

Get your adrenaline pumping by doing a fun challenge like base jumping, ice bucket or running with the bulls.Create new limits!

Motivate Your Friends

Stay connected by starting a donation challenge, posting a dance-off or supporting a new charity. Instigate some fun!

Impact the World

Create positive change by adopting a pet, planting a tree, raising a social cause or helping someone in need. Celebrate your influence!

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